K Wellness Holistic Health Spa: About Us

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Get the holistic care you need to manage pain, energy, and aging at K Wellness

K Wellness is dedicated to helping you manage pain, aging, and energy levels with holistic medical treatments.

Located in Long Beach, CA just off the 405 freeway, the goal of K Wellness is to help people cultivate health and wellness through holistic medical services. By improving the body's internal conditions through an array of unique treatment combinations, you'll be able to heal faster, prevent the development of future illness, and radiate youth and vitality both inside and out!

K Wellness Company History

K Wellness was founded by Dr. S Don Kim in 2020 as a way to help his podiatry patients heal their foot conditions more effectively and permanently. Throughout his 30 years of treating patients at his practice Kim Foot & Ankle Centers, he noticed that too many people were not healing through traditional medicine. This prompted his interest in incorporating holistic naturopathic alternative treatments wherever possible. 

While modern medicine focuses primarily on treating symptoms, his philosophy is guided by the idea that if the body is healed from the inside first, then the physical symptoms associated with illness (including the majority of foot conditions seen within Kim Foot & Ankle Centers) will naturally dissipate.

K Wellness Holistic Health Spa: About Us
Living Well Through Preventative Health Treatments

While K Wellness was originally created to help sick podiatry patients heal, the services we provide are applicable to anyone seeking better health and longevity. Treatments like Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, IV Therapy, and Vitamin Injections are not only capable of healing chronic illness and disorders, but are regularly enjoyed by athletes and health-minded individuals who wish for faster recovery, increased energy, and fewer setbacks.

K Wellness also provides a number of cosmetic treatments that can improve the health of your skin and help you feel more confident with your overall appearance. Wellness has many components and feeling good about your outside can be as valuable as feeling good inside. Check out the many services that K Wellness has to offer below!

K Wellness Holistic Health Spa: About Us

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