IV Therapy to Help You and Your Friends Manage Pain & Inflammation, Energy Levels, and Aging!

IV therapy is a powerful way to get a quick and effective boost of nutrients. And what better way to experience this amazing therapy than with your closest friends? When you bring your pals along for a group IV therapy session, you’ll not only have a great time chatting and laughing together, but you’ll also be able to share the amazing benefits of this treatment. Whether you’re all looking to boost your immune systems, fight chronic fatigue or simply want to give yourself an energy boost, getting IV therapy treatment with friends is the perfect way to bond, relax, and feel great before your next hangout spot which may or may not include adult beverages. Ps… an IV can reduce or completely eliminate the effects of heavy drinking. 😉

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June 1st – June 16th
50% Off Your Treatment
50% Off Your Friend’s Treatment

*Friend must be a brand-new K Wellness patient.

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