Chemical Peels are a popular skincare treatment that can help to transform dull, tired-looking skin into vibrant and youthful-looking skin. These treatments work by targeting the outermost layer of skin and breaking down the bonds that hold dead or damaged skin cells together. As a result, the skin is exfoliated, revealing brighter, smoother, and more even-toned skin underneath.

Chemical peels come in a variety of strengths and formulations, making it possible to cater to different skin types and concerns. From mild formulations that help to brighten and refresh the skin to high-strength formulations that target deep wrinkles, acne scars, and pigmentation, there is a chemical peel out there for everyone.

Let’s take a look at the three different chemical peels available at K Wellness Holistic Health Spa and discover which one is best for you!

VI Peel Original
For Tone & Texture

VI Peel Original contains a synergistic blend of ingredients suitable or all skin types. This peel will help to improve the tone, texture, and clarity of the skin and provide anti-aging benefits. Specifically formulated to rejuvenate and prevent future damage to the skin.

  • Restores a more even skin tone
  • Smooths away rough skin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
VI Peel Precision Plus
For Skin Discoloration

VI Peel Precision Plus Dual Booster System combats pigmentation with our hydroquinone-enriched Lighten Booster and fast acting Brighten Booster. VI Peel Precision Plus effectively suppresses pigment and promotes rapid cell turnover.

Get the VI Peel Precision Plus to improve discoloration and dark spots

  • Effectively suppresses melanogenesis
  • Effectively penetrates damaged areas
  • Promotes rapid cell turnover
  • Exfoliates and helps diminish pigmentation and textural damage to restore skin to its natural health
VI Peel Purify
For Active Acne & Oily Skin

VI Peel Purify is a highly effective treatment for acne. It contains the original VI Peel formula plus the power of Benzoyl Peroxide, Kojic Acid and Hydrocortisone for superior, consistent results. VI Peel Purify is a targeted solution to tackle active acne and acne prone skin.

Get VI Peel Purify to improve oily skin and acne

  • Increases cellular turnover to clear pores
  • Eliminates P.acnes bacteria
  • Soothes inflammation and redness
  • Exfoliates and helps diminish pigmentation and textural damage to restore skin to its natural health
  • Reduces sebum production
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