Friends & Family Wellness Weeks
Your Greatest Wealth is Your Health!

Little in this world is as  important as good health. And not just your own health, but also the health of those nearest and dearest to you. 

Is there anything that would make you happier than seeing your entire family, and all of your friends in perfect health and thriving?

That is why we wanted to do something really special for you and your loved ones in April.

For 2 weeks this month, we wanted to give everyone in your family and within your friend group the opportunity to come try our main services for half off - includes hyperbaric oxygen therapy, IV therapy, and facials

Hyperbaric Oxygen
Regularly $100
Only $50 per session
And the first session is Free!!!

Regularly $100
$50 Off!
Excludes Microneedling & Chemical Peel

IV Therapy
Prices vary
Up to $150 Off!
Excludes NAD+ and ALA Treatments

* Referrals must be new patients to qualify

In Addition We Have a Gift for You Too!

For every friend or family member you bring in, you'll also receive your choice of a Free Hyperbaric Session or $10 credit towards any other service.

And then for those who refer a lot of Friends & Family...

We will bump up that $10 credit to $30 for every 5th person you refer!

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The benefits of preventative health treatments are priceless. Not only can they make you look and feel amazing both inside and out, but they also have the power to save you from having to undergo expensive doctor's visits and procedures caused by unexpected illnesses in the future. We hope that you get healthy and stay healthy today. We will do whatever we can to assist you on that journey. 

Sincerely, K Wellness Holistic Health Spa

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