March Newsletter
Don't leave your health up to luck

While it's true that different genetics can leave us with predispositions to develop certain conditions or illnesses, the majority of our health is determined by lifestyle choices. It's also 100% certain that all of us will suffer from some sort of health issue throughout our lives.

And although illnesses and injuries are unavoidable in one lifetime, the degree to which we suffer can vary. When we give our body what it needs, amazing things can happen. Illnesses become short-lived. Injuries heal faster. Our body ages slower. We go through our days with more energy and less pain. 

Getting proper nutrition, sufficient rest, regular exercise, and plenty of oxygen are all things that the body needs to thrive and fend off illness. So while it seems that some people have won the genetic lottery, without all of these vital elements, one's luck would run out. Good health requires daily action.

You want to heal from whatever plagues you, and live a healthier and stronger life from here on out? Make the choice to nurture good health within yourself. And if you need assistance along the way, we have many tools that can help you get to where you want to be.

Here's to a long and healthy life!

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New IV Menu

Starting this month K Wellness has expanded it's IV Menu, featuring all kinds of new vitamins, amino acids, and medications to help alleviate and heal the conditions that are unique to you. Check out the new menu items below!

Energy Cocktails

Immune Boost $200
Myer's Cocktail
Vitamin-C - immune enhancer

Serenity $200
Myer's Cocktail
Taurine - electrolyte booster

Serenity Plus + $1,000 *
Myer's Cocktail
ALA (2 x week, for 2 weeks)
anxiety killer

Energizer $250 
Myer's Cocktail
B12 (IM) - energy booster

Anti-Aging Cocktails

Feeling Flawless $250
Myer's Cocktail
Glutathione (Push) -
master antioxidant

Beauty $250
Myer's Cocktail
Biotin - skin regenerator
B12 (IM)

Skinny Bag $250
Myer's Cocktail
Carnitine - fat burner
B12 + MIC (IM)

Fountain of Youth *
NAD+ Drip $600
NAD+ IM $125

Pain & Inflammation Cocktails

Hydroboost $150
Myer's Cocktail -
vitamins + minerals

Hangover Detox $300
Myer's Cocktail
Glutathione (Push)
Zofran (Push) - anti-nausea

Pain Killer $300
Myer's Cocktail
Glutathione (Push)
Toradol (Push) - pain reducer

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