May Newsletter
It's Your Time to Bloom in May!

You've all probably heard of the adage, "April Showers Bring May Flowers," but how does this apply to wellness? 

Well when it comes to the things of value in life - our families, our personal development, our health - you have to water and nurture it to see it grow and reach its full potential. This is true of your wellness.

Health doesn't just happen. It's something you have to learn over time and it's earned through making consistent healthy choices. 

If you're feeling great today, don't stop what you're doing. Continue making the healthy choices that got you here and learn new ways to improve your health even more. And if you're not currently feeling great, it's never too late to start. You might not feel perfect right away, but small accomplishments each day can blossom into a bright and thriving future.

May Newsletter
K Wellness is Here to Help

Nobody can give you perfect health, and K Wellness is no exception. But what we can do is provide you with some of the best tools to assist you on your quest for better health. We have treatments and programs that will help you heal faster, minimize pain, and give you the boosts of energy that you need to continue pushing onwards in making ever-healthier decisions. 

Check out some of the new specials we are promoting throughout the month of May, as well as our brand new nutritional weight loss program that will be your best defense against obesity-related diseases.

Facial Wednesdays and Thirsty Thursdays!

facial treatment special at K Wellness in Long Beach, CA
May Newsletter

Come to K Wellness every Wednesday and Thursday to get special deals on injections. Anybody who books their next facial on Wednesdays can add a Biotin Shot to their service for only $10, and all injections are 50% Off on Thursdays. You can check out our full list of injections here ranging from anti-aging, to pain relief, and immunity boosts. 

Nutritional Weight Loss

Lose weight naturally

At K Wellness our goal is to help you cultivate health and wellness holistically. While natural medical treatments like IV TherapyHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and Vitamin Injections can help you heal and compensate for deficiencies, nothing is more fundamental to achieving ideal health than nutrition.

That is why we partnered with a nationally recognized nutrition coaching program that is capable of helping you to lose excess weight naturally and prevent food-related illnesses that could get in the way of living a healthy and vibrant life.

If you want to lose weight naturally, heal your conditions, and boost your energy ten-fold, we encourage you to join a Balanced Habits weight loss program. In this program, you will discover your ideal portion sizes, create an effective eating routine, and be guided by an expert nutrition coach to achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. It's also a great program for athletes who want to maximize their performance. Learn More and Sign Up for a Free Nutrition Consultation by clicking this link

Have a Healthy & Prosperous May!

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