Pain Management

Pain Management

Is Pain and Inflammation Draining Your Energy & Motivation?

One of the main reasons that pain can drain one's energy is that it becomes much harder to get the restorative sleep one needs for the body to heal and repair itself. Low quality sleep can decrease a person's pain threshold and tolerance, as well as intensify one's pain. Proper oxygen and nutrition can improve one's quality of sleep, giving you a better chance of feeling more energetic and pain-free while supporting a stronger immune system and reduced inflammation.

Our Pain Management Energy Package comes with everything included in our Core Energy Package, but with the right combination of IV Nutrition Formulas, Injections, Oxygen, and additional treatments prescribed by our R.N. to meet your unique energy needs.

Core Package Includes

  • Consultation ($100 value)
  • IV Nutrition Therapy ($150 value)
  • Intramuscular Injection ($25 value)
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment ($100 value)

Regularly $375

50% Off Your First Month of Treatment

Only $187!

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