Physical Therapy & Chiropractor

Physical Therapy in Long Beach, CA

K Wellness provides physical therapy to help patients achieve wellness by improving strength and mobility while reducing pain and inflammation

Move Through Your Day Pain-Free!

When our physical body is misaligned and not moving properly, it can cause a ton of pain and inflammation. Not only can this get in the way of pain-free living, but it can also prevent us from healing other conditions throughout the body. Physical Therapy and Chiropractic sessions can help us relieve pain and regain mobility to help us live more active and energetic lives. 

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy team focuses on alleviating patient's pain and regaining their mobility. We take care of sports injuries, rehabilitation, spinal injuries, and more!


Chiropractic care at K Wellness focuses on treatment & prevention. Our Chiropractor helps heal and reduce pain through manipulation of the spine & customized personal treatments.

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