We offer an extensive range of treatments for foot & ankle issues including bunions, ingrown toenails, fungal nail infections, arthritis, diabetic foot pain & more.

Diagnostic Services: Radiography, Peripheral Vascular Analysis, Computerized Fluroscropy, and Ultrasound

We offer the most innovative digital radiography and xray equipment to help diagnose your foot and ankle problems. This technology is particularly powerful for issues like heel spurs, fractures of any kind, bone tumors, and high or low arch. This convenient diagnostic tool allows us to get the right images of your feet and ankles, quickly and comfortably. In addition, our peripheral vascular analysis allows us to measure blood flow in a completely non-invasive way. We also offer ultrasound for soft tissue measurements, especially to monitor the thickness of plantar fascia.

Patients love our range of treatment options.

We offer a completely non-surgical laser treatment for toenail fungus. Not only is this treatment quick (10 minutes or less), and effective – but there is no downtime. Furthermore, you do not need a liver-enzyme test for this treatment option. We also offer an extensive array of medical equipment including CAM walkers (walking boots), ankle braces, night splints, TENS units (a machine that sends electrical pulses to help your body produce its own natural painkillers), and over-the-counter orthotics such as heel cushions, wedges, and shoe inserts. Beyond our non-surgical treatments, we offer in-office podiatric surgery for those times when it is warranted.

We are advocates of holistic treatments whenever possible, and are proud to offer a wide range of options.

While our aim is to get rid of your foot and ankle problems, we also aim to help get your body healthy and strong so that you will heal more quickly and avoid injury in the future. We do this by combining the traditional solution of medicine and surgery to treat your symptoms, and functional medicine alternatives to increase your body’s natural power to heal and remove the cause of your problem. Instead of offering injections full of drugs, we prefer safe, natural homeopathic composites in injectable form. Instead of suppressing the symptoms and possibly natural body functions, we use these chemical-free blends to get your body to heal faster, as well as more safely and naturally. One treatment we’re often asked for is Autologous Platelet Concentrate or APC. In this treatment we use your own blood and its natural healing properties. After spinning some of your blood in a centrifuge, we have concentrated platelets with a large number of growth factors inside each one. The benefit of these natural growth factors is that they can heal damaged ligaments and tendons. This treatment may be used for chronic plantar fasciitis, tendoachilles tendon ruptures, and a wide range of soft tissue injuries. Finally, we offer a range of nutritional supplements to help your body heal more effectively and quickly. Depending on your individual lifestyle and needs, we will help you understand which supplements may be best for you.