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IV Therapy services in Long Beach, CA

Do you feel like your usual self has been replaced by a tired, fatigued version of you? You might be surprised to learn that IV therapy could help. For those new to the concept of IV treatments, it's simply a medical procedure where vitamins and minerals are administered directly into your veins through an intravenous line – giving your body instant access to all its nutrients. This type of therapy can provide relief from several conditions, specifically for fatigue, energy levels and the stresses that come with life’s daily grind. Let's explore the many ways IV therapy can benefit you!

Hydration is More Than Just H20

When we are dehydrated, it's not only the water molecules that our bodies are missing. Electrolytes and other vitamins and minerals are also low when we are depleted, especially after physical activity. There isn't enough of these important substances in our modern-day water sources and it also takes time  for them to absorb through drinking. IV therapy is the quickest way for the body to get what it needs to be fully hydrated.  

IV Therapy is Easier on Your Digestive System

When we drink a lot of liquid at once to hydrate, our digestive system cannot process everything. Therefore most of the fluid runs through the body quickly, flushing out a ton of beneficial vitamins and minerals along the way. IV Therapy is a way to create less waste while hydrating without expelling anything our body needs. 

The Many Ways IV Therapy Can Help You

IV Therapy is Perfect at Reducing Recovery Time from Exercise or Hangover

When dehydration from strenuous exercise or hangover sets in, the key component in recovering is absorbing back the fluids and nutrients you lost while doing those activities. Since IV therapy hydrates you more efficiently, the recovery time from exercise and drinking is greatly reduced!

IV Therapy Can Help Inflammation in Joints and Muscles

Joint and muscle pains may be a sign that your body isn't hydrated enough. Unfortunately, just drinking water alone may not be adequate in getting hydration and nutrients to these areas of the body. The rush of vitamins and minerals from IV Therapy helps get the proper amount of hydration to your joints and muscles so you can achieve perfect health.

IV hydration for joint pain in Long Beach, CA

IV Therapy Can Improve Our Skin

Do you struggle with dry skin and lips? Not only can IV therapy help relieve dryness, but it can also slow down the signs of aging by maintaining long-term hydration and quicker healing for the body's most visible organ. 

IV Therapy Is Customized for Individual Needs!

Everyone is unique and the conditions we suffer from vary from person to person. Whether you need help with any of the above symptoms, or looking to improve your health in other ways such as immunity, detoxification, and even brain function, IV therapy can be customized to fit your needs. 

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