Treat Yourself with Botox in May!

Make sure you read until the very end to see how you can pay as little as $45 for 10 units of Botox through our rewards program!

Take Some Time To Care For Yourself

May is not just any other month; it is a special month dedicated to celebrating and appreciating all of the mothers out there. It is the month when we cherish the nurturing and selfless love of our mothers, without whom we would not be where we are today. However, amidst all this appreciation, we often forget one crucial aspect - mothers treating themselves.

So if you're a mother, or just someone who has dedicated yourself to the care of others, we encourage you to take the time to practice some selfcare. Treat yourself to an IV Treatment for an instant boost in energy, hydration, and relaxation - and/or invigorate your appearance with treatments like Anti-Aging Facials and Botox (Xeomin). You deserve it! 

Treat Yourself with Botox in May!

Don't miss our May Botox special below.
Only available on the following dates: May 5th, May 12th, May 19th, May 26th.
Limited Availability. Schedule your treatment before it's too late.

Come to K Wellness Every Friday to Get 25% Botox Injections in May!

Regularly $12.50 per Unit
Only $9.50 per Unit (Fridays Only)

+ Rewards Program

The first time that you sign up for our Rewards Program, you automatically get $50 Off your treatment. Then... you get another $50 Off every 3 months for a total of $200 of savings every year.

That means if you are undergoing your first treatment, you can receive your first 10 Units of our high quality Xeomin product for only $45!

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