Pain & Inflammation Bundle

Pain and Inflammation IV Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at K Wellness in Long Beach, CA

For fast healing and pain relief, try our anti-inflammatory treatment bundle.

Do You Need Quick Relief from Pain and Inflammation?

K Wellness has two fantastic treatments to help those suffering from Pain & Inflammation - IV Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy!

IV Therapy is a great solution for individuals looking to reduce pain and inflammation in their daily life, and we have formulated an IV that is perfect at ensuring you get the relief you need. Consisting of 3 ingredients (the Meyer's Cocktail, Glutathione, and Toradol), this winning combination is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. The Meyer's Cocktail contains vitamins and electrolytes that boost immunity and hydrate the body to help reduce inflammation. Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps reduce oxidative stress in the body. And last but not least, Toradol is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug commonly prescribed for mild to moderate pain relief. 

IV Therapy can provide fast relief from pain and inflammation without needing to take oral medications or waiting for an appointment with your doctor. It is a safe, natural way to achieve optimal health without harsh side effects.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is an effective treatment for those suffering from pain or inflammation. HBOT encourages the flow of oxygen to the affected area, which helps speed up healing and reduce swelling. It also helps reduce inflammation and promotes faster tissue regeneration. Additionally, HBOT causes a release of substances that can break down inflammatory chemicals in the body, providing relief from pain caused by chronic conditions such as arthritis. In addition to reducing pain and inflammation, HBOT has also been found to help improve circulation and boost the immune system's response to infection, helping patients fight off illnesses more quickly.

Bundle Includes...
IV Nutrition Therapy
($300 value)

Pain Killer
Meyer's Cocktail - Vitamin-packed
Glutathione - Master Antioxidant
Toradol - Anti-Inflammatory Pain Medication

HBOT Therapy
($100 value)
  • Reduces swelling & Inflammation
  • Promotes Tissue Regeneration
  • Boosts Immunity

Regularly $400

20% Off When You Buy IV + HBOT Bundle!
Only $320!

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