Grace Period for ILWU Insurance Patients

Periodically supplies rise in costs, and unfortunately our prices have to reflect those additional costs too. However, K Wellness is offering a grace period for current ILWU Insurance patients, so be sure to stock up on your appointments before it’s too late.

This offer is only available to ILWU Insurance patients who have previously booked IV sessions. This special can apply to future appointments in April and beyond, so long as they are bought and purchased in March.

New IV Prices (for ILWU Insurance Patients)

IV Drip + 1 Vitamin – Full coverage
500 mL bag upgrade – $25
1000 mL bag update – $50
Extra vitamin – $25
B12/Lipo Injection – $20

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Other Price Increases (for ILWU Insurance Patients)

The prices for Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (HBOT) and Facials are also increasing. Starting April 1st, the price for HBOT will be $50 (half off regular cash price) and the price for Facial upgrades is 45% Off the regular cash price.

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